Returning Library Books.

Do you return library books on time? What do you think your answer means in other aspects of your life?

I try to return my library books on time. If I’m not finished or can’t get to the library to return it, I renew it. I must admit though, when I worked at the library, it was easier to keep up on renewing and returning my items. Now that I live 40 minutes from my library of choice (and the fact that it’s drop off and drive thru window for pickups only), it’s harder to pick up and return items.

This just means that I like to be on time. What else is says about me, I’m not sure.

2 thoughts on “Returning Library Books.”

  1. I try to do is but since I don’t pay fines it’s easier for me to keep things longer if needed. Even so, I try not to keep them more than a couple of days it’s the due date

    1. I didn’t have to since I was staff. My new library doesn’t do fines but will bill an item till you return it if it can’t be renewed so that’s cool. I’d use the one in town but they’re still doing curbside so I can’t get a card. One that’s 20 minutes away is a little musty and bleak.

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