Some Q&A

I got this prompt from The World’s Common Tater who got it from someone else. Feel free to answer the questions yourself and read their posts, as well.

1. What have you learned about yourself during the pandemic?

I don’t read and write like I should even when I’ve got all kinds of time. I fill it with other useless bits of filler and that makes me sad.

2. What is your favorite place to vacation?

Tennessee area. But now North Carolina, because I’m finding that it’s just as interesting and fun as Tennessee.

3. What is your favorite season?

Spring and summer. In spring, things are finally warming up to summer’s heat and I love it. Fall and winter is too cold for me. I need a place to live in a milder winter season.

4. Why did you start blogging and is it the same reason you continue?

I started blogging because I thought it was cool and everybody else was doing it. I wanted to write and people seemed to be successful at writing on blogs so I wanted in on the hype too. I also started this particular blog because I wanted my now husband to have something to read when he was away at work (which he still does and I still enjoy him reading it.) Now I’m learning to write because I enjoy it. (And maybe still become a successful blogger, who knows, there’s still time.)

5. Do you come from a large family?

No, just my parents and I. My dad had a lot of siblings but only two of them other than my dad had a kid, I have a lot of cousins on my mom’s side but they live overseas so I don’t see or talk to them.

6. What was your best (maybe not favorite) subject in high school?

English and history. And they were my favorites. I also enjoyed Plague, Pestilence, and Progress, but that was because my favorite teacher co-taught it.

7. Which would you rather read, fiction or non-fiction?

I tend to gravitate towards fiction a lot. I’ve always loved reading fiction. I try to read non-fiction more, though, especially now that authors are trying to make it more engaging.

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