“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”


The biggest struggle for me as a writer is finding topics to write about. I get an idea, sit down and begin to write, only to tear up the page that I was writing on and stare at the blank page for another ten minutes or more. What you want for yourself as a writer is often at war with what the world at large wants from you as a writer. Certain topics and genres have more prestige than others.

I have a friend that I met in college. At the time, she was considering going on to get her Ph.D. in creative writing with an emphasis in science fiction writing. When she was researching places, there was only a couple places that had a student who was focusing on that genre for their degree. I can only imagine it to be a bit disheartening; having a passion for a genre that others think are lesser than others.

I think it can be that way for blogging, as well. Sure, people can comment and say that you should write about whatever catches your fancy and just enjoy the process.

But what happens when you need some inspiration? What happens when you don’t know what to write about next? It’s hard not to feel a little disgruntled when you go looking for other things to write about and the ideas just aren’t there?

Because quite frankly, I get that way all the time. I look for ideas in a certain genre or topic and it’s all generic. If it’s book related then the idea lists are all “book reviews, shelf tours, interviews, mini reviews, and cover reveals.”

If it’s general lifestyle it’s all about “top x movies, how to pack a suitcase, travel destinations, unboxing reveals, etc.” I mean really, has the blogging universe boiled down to the same generic writing formulas? Do people honestly care? I mean, where’s the blogging posts that actually gives the writer real advice on how to add correct tags and titles to optimize visitors? Where’s the how to’s on the best Twitter posts to connect with your blog? What are some photography hints? Where are some “real” blogging ideas to get you inspired instead of the same regurgitated topics?

Maybe I’m just having a temper tantrum because I don’t know what to write next and I’m bored.

Maybe I need some inspiration.

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