Thoughts on: Divergent by Veronica Roth

One of my favorite dystopian trilogies is Divergent by Veronica Roth. I love the world that Tris lives in; I find it interesting that people are divided into different factions based on their strongest trait.

But the best book in the trilogy (aside from the first one, of course) is Allegiant. When I first started reading it, I was a bit annoyed because the author suddenly switched to writing between two different perspectives. I mean, why write from one character’s viewpoint for two whole books and then suddenly have various viewpoints? But once I got into the book, I was over it and immersed into the story that I was waiting a long time to finish.

When I reached the end, I was shocked by its revelation. I was upset of course, because I grew to love Tobias and Tris, yet at the same time, I found it to be fitting. The world revealed its obsession with creating a better world through genetics (best I can describe it without revealing the plot) and Tris was willing to do what was necessary to save the world.

A lot of people had issues with this book. I didn’t realize that until many years later. They didn’t like the sudden shifting perspective and they didn’t like the revelations at the end. I thought it was good. In the end, Roth stayed true to her character of her characters and let them follow their instincts, even if it meant a lot of sadness and anger. It’s like in real life, there are dangerous jobs out there that most people don’t want to do, but someone has to do it and people are there doing it because it’s necessary and it’s a sacrifice they’re willing to make. That’s how I saw it.

I wonder if it’s because a lot of it’s because people expect happy endings in YA novels? I like happy endings occasionally, but sometimes young people want to read books about topics that they’re going through and not all those topics are happy. To explore subjects and emotions in a safe, fictional world helps young people figure out they’re not alone and become more resilient.

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