I’ve been stuck on writing ideas lately. If you’re wondering why there’s a sudden influx of photography posts, this would be why. I’d rather post a pretty picture than ramble on about a topic that I don’t feel too passionate about. And sometimes a pretty pictures says more than words ever could. If you heard the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words,” than you’d know that this is true.

Fall is upon us. The cold weather is coming upon us much sooner than I anticipated. I keep thinking about this and wondering whether or not this is due to the fact that I moved earlier this year and it’s two hours further north of where I lived originally. The further north you go, the cooler it gets, even in the summer, so I don’t know why I was surprised when the Fall chill came right when September hit. Or maybe I just conveniently forget about how cool it gets this time of year. I’d rather have warmth than coolness, but that’s just me.

Yesterday afternoon saw a downpour of rain. I finally got into my book that I got from the local library (hey, I finally got a library card 5 minutes down the road–much easier than driving 45 minutes, though it doesn’t quite have the same amount of selection that I hope for, thus I’ll probably still drive down that way.)

Anyway, the book that I’m reading is The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah. I’ve been aware of the book for a while now, but I never did start reading it. I might have tried once, but I didn’t get far. Well, you know, I don’t know what I was waiting for because the book is amazing.

Leni and her parents move up to Alaska to start a new life. Her father was a POW during the Vietnam war and came home broken and angry, hurting his family and moving all over the country. Alaska is his last hope, a place where he can finally get back to the basics. It works for a little while, but when winter hits, he goes back to his usual ways.

Leni, in spite of all her struggles, loves Alaska. Here, she learns to live off the land and become herself. It’s an interesting story of love, loss, and survival in a land that takes no prisoners.

I can’t exactly write too much about it right now, as I’m not finished reading it, but I’m enjoying it. I hope to formulate better thoughts when I finally finish reading it.

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