Wish For.

Fall changes. Photo copyright Ashley M. Eveland

The weather has been nice this week. Warm, a remembrance of the summer past. A last goodbye before the cold sweeps across the barren fields.

I was never a fan of winter, or even fall. The chill always settles more easily into me for some reason, cloaking my body and robbing my breath of its warmth. I wrap myself in blankets and jackets, coats, and sweaters and still my body shivers against the elements. Sometimes, I dream of a place milder than where I am now. I suppose it’s not that bad in the grand scheme of things, especially in places that are even colder. But when you don’t know of anything different, tropical places seem so much more appealing.

I ache to try something new, to be somewhere more exotic. People move all the time to different locations and the farthest I’ve moved is a couple hours. Wouldn’t it be nice to be a stranger in a strange land just this once?

It’s probably not as great as it amounts to be. It only sounds exciting to an every girl like me, someone who does things the same as before.

Maybe one day soon, our lives will change again and I’ll get what I think I want.

Be careful what I wish for, I just might get it.

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