Photo by Athena on Pexels.com

Write about a character leaving something, or someone, they love.

She woke just before dawn. The darkness pulsated against her eyes, but she kept her eyes open as her surroundings gradually lightened. What she must do, had to happen; sooner, rather than later. If she didn’t, she’d never have the courage to do so again. 

In the murky-dark light, she rose, gathering the remaining items she needed into her knapsack beside her bed. One last glance and she darted out the room, into the hall, and down the stores. Her hand on the doorknob, she paused and looked around. It was just another place to take up space until she made enough for the next place and yet…

This place felt more like home than any other. Her roommate Dani seemed so loving and open; taking her in as a complete stranger and making her a part of the family. There were others, of course, that came in and out. But she was leaving them. Just as she’d always done.

She almost turned around, back to the little room no more than a closet. This would do. This could be home. 

A restlessness tugged in her soul and the doorknob turned. As much love as she had for this place that was more like hers than any others, she somehow couldn’t bear to be here any longer.

She slipped out of the house and left without another glance.

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