Being Better.

What is one thing you wish you were better at?

I could honestly make a whole list of things that I wish I could be better at. But I’ll talk about social media marketing, because that seems to be the thing that gets more people successful in their creative pursuits. I wish I was smarter at marketing my stuff online and truly knowing what SEO is so that I can properly tag my posts and bring in more followers. A lot of social media influencers seem to have gotten off fairly quickly and that’s probably because they know how to work the Internet correctly. I’m not one of those people, but I wish I was.

Some other things I wish I was good at:

Video creating/editing. I was introduced to this when I was in grad school and now I wish I had taken more classes in it. It was time consuming and yet so rewarding at the end of it all. I wish high school and college were designed to introduce people into all different kinds of interests because one doesn’t know if they like something until they tried it. I didn’t know I liked video editing till I tried it. Now it’s all I think about it.

Photography. I have an eye for it, or so some people say, I just wish I had some formal training, particularly in the editing part. That would be great.

Math. I’m not good at it, but I wish I was. If I was good at math, I’d go into all these fields that are taking off right now. Engineering, medicine, science. Pretty much anything that requires complicated math. I’m not wired like that and I wish I was.

Technical writing. Some of my friends are content writers/technical writers/editors and that looks so fascinating. I wish I’d studied that instead of what I studied in college. Much more practical.

Exercise. Because everyone needs to do that.

Writing. I know, this is contradictory, but I wish I was better at it. I wish I could regiment myself to write every day and actually finish projects.

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