15 Thoughts While Reading “On the Plain of Snakes”

  1. This writing is tedious.
  2. Everyone has a story about the border.
  3. In fact, we’re STILL at the border.
  4. Oh yes, we’re finally going deeper into Mexico.
  5. Watch out for the cartels and the mafia and the police.
  6. In fact, don’t say their names out loud.
  7. Bribe the police if you get pulled over.
  8. Be careful! You’re lucky.
  9. Here’s some more stories about the border.
  10. Here’s some colorful landscapes and geography.
  11. “I came back from over the border…it cost me this much money, I probably won’t go back, the price went up now.”
  12. There’s no money in Mexico. They do a lot of bartering.
  13. These students went missing. We’re still searching.
  14. Revolutions!
  15. American politics and jumping the border.

Yep…that’s basically what I got out of it.

Rating: 3 Stars

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