Hallotober Tag 2020

Well, there are a bunch of rules about this tag, but since I’m stealing the tag from someone without having been tagged, I’m just going to answer the questions as I see fit. There is one rule where you have to changed question #13 to one of your own and answer it. I may or may not do that…I just might answer the same question that the other person posted.

  1. Haunted houses/trails: a good time or not for you?
    I’ve only been to one once or twice and that’s been a LONG time ago. I’d like to go again to refresh my memory, but it might be scary.
  2. What’s your favorite thing about October?
    Nothing really…not a fall person. I do like to watch scary movies or read a scary story during this time. And my favorite youtubers are doing scary stories at this time so that’s great!
  3. Are you a big celebrator of Halloween?
    Not really. I like to carve pumpkins and watch a scary movie on the night of Halloween. But since high school, it hasn’t been fun since I can’t dress up and get candy.
  4. What’s your favorite horror movie?
    The Ring or The Mothman Prophecies. Or The Conjuring. They truly spooked me.
  5. Would you rather a cozy night in watching horrors or a big night out in a costume?
    Cozy night in watching movies. I don’t like going to parties.
  6. Which has been your favorite costume to date?
    I was Jack Sparrow once. And Frodo Baggins. That was cool. I don’t think I could top those. Last year my now husband and I were a monkey and a banana. That is the best since we were together.
  7. Bobbing for apples of pin the hat on the witch?
    Never bobbed for apples so I’d go with the pin the hat on the witch.
  8. How do you celebrate Halloween?
    I think I answered this one? I stay home and watch a movie.
  9. What’s your least favorite horror?
    One with a lot of body horror. Preferably one with spooks and the blood is minimal or it’s suggested offscreen. Like old fashioned horror.
  10. Do you have a favorite trick or treating memory?
    My neighbors around the corner cooked hot dogs for people and had apple cider. That was awesome.
  11. What’s your favorite thing about Halloween?
    Seeing little kids dressed up. My street growing up until recently never got many kids and it looks like my new street doesn’t either since they’re mostly older kids or there’s none whatsoever. Plus we’re in the country so what the heck.
  12. Scary costume or silly costume?
    Doesn’t matter really. I don’t like the overly sexualized ones though. Like sexy nurses or whatever.
  13. What’s your favorite Halloween candy?
    The ones with chocolate.

I didn’t change question #13, oh well. If you want to tag yourself and have a go at it, I’d love to see your responses!

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