The Holidays and Writing Challenges

Apparently a couple bloggers I follow are doing blogmas this December. I’ve heard of vlogmas but not blogmas. For those in the dark, you either blog or vlog for the month of December. I don’t know how you come up with the topics but people seem to enjoy it. I haven’t read too many blog posts lately so I feel a little behind the times. It feels like a second round of tortured NanoWriMo to me.

I started my yearly read of The Christmas Box trilogy and successfully read the first two books in a little over 2 days. Now I’m on the third one. Which is my least favorite of the three and not because it’s the final book, bout because it has the weakest story of the three. The first three were quaint and fills me with warmth and hope for the holidays. The last one just deprives me of Christmas joy. It might have been the point but perhaps not intentionally. That’s just my opinion.

I’ve been Christmas shopping but I feel like I haven’t got enough, especially my mom. She never tells me what she wants so I always end up getting her some Christmas candy and a magazine or something. It’s so hard to decide what she’d truly enjoy. My dog’s going to be spoiled of course. He’s always spoiled.

For movies, we watched A Christmas Story, my favorite Christmas story ever. It’s kind of dumb but it’s so sweet I’ve got to keep watching it.

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