The Usual Reads.

I’ve been trying to become a better reader by reading more and with books I wouldn’t have picked up otherwise. Sometimes it works, most of the time I find myself reading books in my comfort zone. The key word here is that I’m trying and to me that is a lot.

I recently finished reading the second book in the Bridgerton books. I don’t like romance novels, but these are sweet and doesn’t take up a lot of brain cells while reading them. I’m going to try to finish the series but it’s a little hard now that I live in the middle of nowhere.

I’m now currently reading a sci-fi book called Do You Dream of Terra-Two? It’s written by a woman who studied in London and Edinburgh, in creative writing and neuroscience. She seems like a smart woman. I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of her book, as it was published a year or so ago. I hope I like it. We’ll see, as I don’t read science fiction often enough to like it.

Life in the time of Covid continues on; I’m working in a new library in a different town. My puppy gets lots of snuggles and treats; my husband gets lots of love and adventures. Life is good in spite of all the troubles in the world. I am happy for the most part.

I keep meaning to write but sometimes you just need to step back before you can come back in. I hope I can find my passion in writing again.

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