Movie times.

I’ve been watching quite a few movies lately. I never was a big movie viewer (though I enjoyed one now and then), but lately I found myself glued to the screen. It’s unfortunate that I’ve come to this interest when few movies are being released due to that lovely plague we all suffered through for more than a year now.

Of course, I’ve been in a movie slump as well at times, having stopped when the movie was just a dud or I didn’t have the patience to sit through a couple hours worth of people on a set saying words they’re not interested in.

Anyway, here are a few movies that I’ve seen recently:

1. The Marksman

I’ve been in a bit of a Liam Neeson binge and having this one in a long list of his movies made me a bit jaded as he’s basically playing the same character in a different story. In this one, Neeson plays a man living on the U.S./Mexican border. When a woman and son stumble onto his property escaping the wrath of the cartels, Neeson is compelled to take the boy to family in spite of men who will stop at nothing to bring him down.

I appreciated the ending ending in a satisfying way but again I’ve become jaded by the same old from an actor who has outplayed his character.

2. The Little Things

I didn’t like this one. Couple detectives trying to find a killer only leaving you with more questions than answers about who it is. Waste of a couple hours. We actually spent a good 30 minutes feeling ripped off by the ending.

3. Raya and the Last Dragon

I actually liked this one; Raya is a strong character and the message is heartwarming. If you liked Mulan, you’ll like this one.

4. Taken

This is one of Liam Neeson’s stronger movies, not to mention it’s believable in a scary way. What I “took” away from this movie: teenagers are scums and what happened to the daughter is what happens when you’re not careful in a strange place. I hope she learned her lesson.

5. The Mitchell’s vs. the Machine

Not a Disney movie but I enjoyed this movie about family and adventure and not to trust artificial intelligence devices.

6. The Martians

Lesson: don’t go to Mars. Find better cremates. Learn to be a botanist.

7. Instant Family

Great feel good movie about fostering and adopting and that family doesn’t necessarily mean you’re related by blood. Family is the people you choose.

8. Greenland

An everyday family trying to survive in the moments before an asteroid attack. Realistic and scary.

9. In the Heart of the Sea

Mobs Dick was real y”all and he was much worse than the book.

10. I Am Legend

Zombie vampires and a dude with a savior complex… scary at times. I was sad for dog.

There is as much much more, but I only shared the ones I personally hadn’t seen before. What are you all watching?

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