The Usual Reads.

I’ve been trying to become a better reader by reading more and with books I wouldn’t have picked up otherwise. Sometimes it works, most of the time I find myself reading books in my comfort zone. The key word here is that I’m trying and to me that is a lot. I recently finished reading … More The Usual Reads.

Winter Wonderland

Snow didn’t come as often in the town I grew up in. Of course, when I was a child, there seemed to be snow (and snow days) all the time. One memorable year, we left school for Christmas break in December and didn’t come back to school until February because of all the snow. My … More Winter Wonderland

Ex Machina

Title: Ex Machina Director: Alex Garland Cast: Domhnall Gleason, Alicia Vikander, Oscar Isaac Summary: Caleb Smith (Domhnall Gleeson) a programmer at a huge Internet company, wins a contest that enables him to spend a week at the private estate of Nathan Bateman (Oscar Isaac), his firm’s brilliant CEO. When he arrives, Caleb learns that he … More Ex Machina

New Books.

One thing that I’ve always found interesting about book blogs and BookTube and even bookstagram is the people always seem to know what books are getting published in the next year. In the very least, they know what books are coming out in the next month. I don’t have that kind of mentality. Sometimes, if … More New Books.


Sometimes I wonder why I keep writing blog posts. My inspiration is sporadic and unfair. The platform changes and it takes some time getting used to. By the time I get the hang of it they change it to something that much more challenging and mind boggling. It’s a wonder I hung around at all. … More Sporadic

Christmas Light.

With each passing year, the spirit of Christmas decorating, light decorating in particular seemed to diminish. As someone who used to drive around and look at the lights with her dad growing up, this was a sad thing to witness. This year, however, the Christmas spirit is back in season. I think it has to … More Christmas Light.

Work at home.

Yesterday was a lazy day for me. I was able to get some house chores done including getting the kitchen straightened out. It looks so open and nice now that we don’t have a countertop microwave anymore and I can move some bulky items into the corner where it used to be. I even swept … More Work at home.


I’ve been (re) reading Outlander by Diana Gabalson lately. It’s slow going since it’s such a long book and I’ve been reading other books as well. I first read it about 5 or 6 years ago and I wasn’t impressed with it then. I blame it on not knowing that it was more romance than … More Outlandish