Flying Free

The birds fly from her hands at dusk. They were never meant to be hers forever; but they chose to be her friend for a life while as they recouped from their injuries. She was sad as she held the sack of feathers that they left behind, yet a certain feeling of excitement rose within … More Flying Free


Write about a character leaving something, or someone, they love. She woke just before dawn. The darkness pulsated against her eyes, but she kept her eyes open as her surroundings gradually lightened. What she must do, had to happen; sooner, rather than later. If she didn’t, she’d never have the courage to do so again.  … More Leaving


They say you shouldn’t go into the forest alone. It looks peaceful, a respite from the summers heat beneath the thick overgrowth. But looks can be deceiving. You descent the rocky staircase to the forest floor. It is still; the murmur of trees whispering to each other. Everything seems to tell you that you are … More Backwoods.