Movies I’ve Seen

I’ve been reading books and seeing a few movies in the past month or so. As always, I’m behind in talking about them because I never know how to talk about them (so much for trying to be a movie/book blogger, eh?) Anyway, I’m going to make an attempt to briefly talk about the movies … More Movies I’ve Seen

HelloFresh Dinners

My husband and I decided that we wanted to try some fresh and new dinners, so we ordered three meals for this week from HelloFresh. On Monday, I cooked Bulgogi pork tenderloin and lime rice. The prep work took a little bit longer than what I expected, but the results were delicious. Basically, you browned … More HelloFresh Dinners

Purple Fields

Some wildflowers alongside the bike path near my home. Again, I’m not sure of the name, but are a bright, cheerful reminder of the good things in life. The husband asked me the other day when my next blog post was going to be and I said I didn’t know. Thus why this is my … More Purple Fields

Life out of Sync

I’m a bit out of sync with blogging these days. I seem to say that a lot…both the act of not blogging and saying that I’m not. I wish I had the focus that I did at one point because back then I had that passion. What I’m trying to say is that I don’t … More Life out of Sync

Winter Wonderland

Snow didn’t come as often in the town I grew up in. Of course, when I was a child, there seemed to be snow (and snow days) all the time. One memorable year, we left school for Christmas break in December and didn’t come back to school until February because of all the snow. My … More Winter Wonderland

Christmas Light.

With each passing year, the spirit of Christmas decorating, light decorating in particular seemed to diminish. As someone who used to drive around and look at the lights with her dad growing up, this was a sad thing to witness. This year, however, the Christmas spirit is back in season. I think it has to … More Christmas Light.

Christmas Cheer.

We live down the road from a Christmas tree farm. Ever since we moved in, we’d been anxiously waiting for Christmas to come around so that we can pick out our own tree to put up and decorate together. I haven’t had a real tree since I was a small child, so I was excited … More Christmas Cheer.

Halloween Shenanigans

How was everyone’s Halloween? Mine was decent, we finally carved a couple of pumpkins that we grew ourselves. We then got some lights to put in it. Then we put some spooky music on and watched The Village, which isn’t all that scary but had some interesting concepts to think about. My love didn’t think … More Halloween Shenanigans