Review Policy

I am currently accepting advanced reader copies (ARCs).

Book Review Requests

If you’d like to submit a request for me to review your books, you may contact me through my contact page.

Please include:

  • The title of the book
  • The publisher
  • Release date
  • A summary of the book
  • The book cover

Book Formats

I will accept copies of books in the following formats:

  • Physical copy (paperback or hardback)
  • Kindle or PDF
  • Netgalley request


I will read just about any genre there is out there with the exception to erotica and westerns. I especially love

  • History (fiction/nonfiction)
  • Travel/memoir
  • Nonfiction
  • Young adult
  • Contemporary
  • Literary

Please note that I can’t accept every request. I might not have time to read the book at the current time or due to personal preference. Please don’t be upset if I don’t accept your request.