Wish For.

The weather has been nice this week. Warm, a remembrance of the summer past. A last goodbye before the cold sweeps across the barren fields. I was never a fan of winter, or even fall. The chill always settles more easily into me for some reason, cloaking my body and robbing my breath of its … More Wish For.


I’ve been stuck on writing ideas lately. If you’re wondering why there’s a sudden influx of photography posts, this would be why. I’d rather post a pretty picture than ramble on about a topic that I don’t feel too passionate about. And sometimes a pretty pictures says more than words ever could. If you heard … More Cold.

White, flurries.

There is snow on the ground this morning. I woke up early due to a headache and when I slid out of bed to get medicine for it, the outside glowed a white orange. Confused, I looked out and saw a sea of white. I almost forgot what it looked like, the cold, white flurries. … More White, flurries.