Halloween Shenanigans

How was everyone’s Halloween? Mine was decent, we finally carved a couple of pumpkins that we grew ourselves. We then got some lights to put in it. Then we put some spooky music on and watched The Village, which isn’t all that scary but had some interesting concepts to think about. My love didn’t think … More Halloween Shenanigans

Wish For.

The weather has been nice this week. Warm, a remembrance of the summer past. A last goodbye before the cold sweeps across the barren fields. I was never a fan of winter, or even fall. The chill always settles more easily into me for some reason, cloaking my body and robbing my breath of its … More Wish For.


I’ve been stuck on writing ideas lately. If you’re wondering why there’s a sudden influx of photography posts, this would be why. I’d rather post a pretty picture than ramble on about a topic that I don’t feel too passionate about. And sometimes a pretty pictures says more than words ever could. If you heard … More Cold.