The Weekend.

The weekend has been a busy one. We had visitors on Saturday. That night we watched 1917. On Sunday, we went rock climbing for a little bit. That night we watched the Harrison Ford The Call of the Wild. Overall, we had a good weekend. Let me start with 1917. It tells the story of two soldiers who … More The Weekend.

Doctor Strange

I started watching Doctor Strange last night with Adam. I got through most of it before falling asleep near the end. I got through a good amount of it though, to get the gist of it. It reminded me a lot of The Matrix, for some reason. Maybe it’s because of the out of body … More Doctor Strange


I recently watched Frozen and Frozen II. I didn’t think I’d watch either one of them, especially since I tried watching Frozen (I) once before and couldn’t get through the thing. But I watched Frozen and it was generally okay, except I got the feeling the characters broke out song far more frequently than a … More Frozen.