Being Better.

What is one thing you wish you were better at? I could honestly make a whole list of things that I wish I could be better at. But I’ll talk about social media marketing, because that seems to be the thing that gets more people successful in their creative pursuits. I wish I was smarter … More Being Better.


Begin with yourself. Look at yourself, how you are, what you dream of, what you want. Start there, and start small. Begin with what you love. Read your romance novels, your horror novels, your contemporary fiction, your classics. Listen to your classical music, your pop, hip hop, rock. Play your sports, run your races, climb … More Begin


Photo by Ashley French. This pedestrian bridge was something my husband helped plan out before they built it. In our original wedding plans, we were going to have some reception/more wedding photos taken here, then eat at the restaurant across the street overlooking the bridge. Unfortunately, the virus changed our plans so we never got … More Bridges

The Book List.

Most people have a books they want to read list. I have a books I’ve already read list. A couple years ago, I got a mini grey journal for Christmas and since it wasn’t big enough to be an actual journal, I decided to use it as a record of the books I read during … More The Book List.

All I Know.

I don’t think people actually know what it is to live in this life. Some people wander the world, trying out different places like a woman who tries on different dresses and still feels like something isn’t quite right. Some people read all the books in the world, on to the next one as soon … More All I Know.