The Usual Reads.

I’ve been trying to become a better reader by reading more and with books I wouldn’t have picked up otherwise. Sometimes it works, most of the time I find myself reading books in my comfort zone. The key word here is that I’m trying and to me that is a lot. I recently finished reading … More The Usual Reads.

Halloween Shenanigans

How was everyone’s Halloween? Mine was decent, we finally carved a couple of pumpkins that we grew ourselves. We then got some lights to put in it. Then we put some spooky music on and watched The Village, which isn’t all that scary but had some interesting concepts to think about. My love didn’t think … More Halloween Shenanigans

Being Better.

What is one thing you wish you were better at? I could honestly make a whole list of things that I wish I could be better at. But I’ll talk about social media marketing, because that seems to be the thing that gets more people successful in their creative pursuits. I wish I was smarter … More Being Better.

Flying Free

The birds fly from her hands at dusk. They were never meant to be hers forever; but they chose to be her friend for a life while as they recouped from their injuries. She was sad as she held the sack of feathers that they left behind, yet a certain feeling of excitement rose within … More Flying Free


Write about a character leaving something, or someone, they love. She woke just before dawn. The darkness pulsated against her eyes, but she kept her eyes open as her surroundings gradually lightened. What she must do, had to happen; sooner, rather than later. If she didn’t, she’d never have the courage to do so again.  … More Leaving


Begin with yourself. Look at yourself, how you are, what you dream of, what you want. Start there, and start small. Begin with what you love. Read your romance novels, your horror novels, your contemporary fiction, your classics. Listen to your classical music, your pop, hip hop, rock. Play your sports, run your races, climb … More Begin


“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Aristotle The biggest struggle for me as a writer is finding topics to write about. I get an idea, sit down and begin to write, only to tear up the page that I was writing on and stare at the blank page for another ten minutes or … More Struggle.